Who Needs Short Term Car Insurance?

Short term car insurance is a type of policy that can be used for a very limited amount of time on a vehicle. This can be very nice because people sometimes do not want to be locked into a long-term plan if they are not sure that they will need the policy for a long time. They like to have the better rates and the freedom that this provides. They know that they can always purchase a second policy if it turns out that they will need the coverage for longer than they thought, so there is no real risk in their going with this type of plan.

Many times, the people who need short term car insurance are those who are not going to be in the country for a long period of time. Maybe they are coming over on a business trip. Maybe they are being posted at a military base. Some of them may even be coming over to go to school. These are all long enough periods that a car will be needed to give them some freedom of movement, but they are not so long that a larger plan makes sense. They are best off to go with a short plan so that it can end when they leave the country.

Other people who need to have short term car insurance are those who have cars that they think they are going to be getting rid of in the near future. Maybe the vehicles are not very good and they are always expecting them to break down without warning. Maybe they will just be upgrading to a newer car soon but have not yet gotten around to it. While they could just transfer a plan from the old car to the new one, it is sometimes even easier to have a short-term plan so that they do not have to worry about all of the paperwork to transfer things over.

This type of a plan can also be purchased if a person is going to be borrowing a car that is not already insured. They may need to use a friend's car while they search for a job, for example. Without the job, they will not be able to buy a car on their own and make payments. At the same time, they will want to buy their own vehicle as soon as they do find a job and will only need to use the borrowed one to drive to interviews and the like. Many people have old cars in their possession that they do not have any use for, cars for which they do not have an insurance policy, that they would be willing to loan out to help a friend get a job. That friend would then need to take out a short term plan in order to make the car legal to drive on the road. When they finally found a job and bought their own car, they would not have to worry about having two separate policies that they did not need.

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